VarScoper Gotcha

So I have been heavily scoping an older cfc and the varscoper tool ( has been really helpful. One thing that we have found so far while using it is it doesn't catch cfinvoke's returnVariable attribute. Now I understand that cfinvokes may not be the best way to run a function, but in any case it has missed the returnedVariable.

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Mike Schierberl's Gravatar Ryan-
What version of varscoper are you running? Can you send or post a code example of the issue? cfinvoke:returnvariable is a valid combo that varscoper should recognize. If your code is up to date and it's still an issue can you log it on RiaForge? I'll get to it eventually.

# Posted By Mike Schierberl | 2/26/10 1:02 AM
Ryan Vikander's Gravatar I posted an example of what I am seeing. I can also post it on RIAForge if you would like. Just let me know!
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 2/26/10 8:12 AM
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