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Just a quick blog but I am excited to say that I am greatful to be able to attend cfObjective this year. I attended last year's event and had a great time learning new stuff whether it's about a framework that I have not seen before or just new coding techniques. I feel like last years event had motivated me in ways that I think has helped me as a developer. Not only did I learn new developing techniques but also fell in love with the art of user group meetings I guess you could say. I know that there is a local twin cities CFUG group but I hate driving to Minneapolis if I don't have to. I started up an internal Imagetrend user group meetings that seems to interest a lot of my co-workers. Usually I see turn outs of 15 people consistently which I think is pretty good. Anyways I digress, I cannot wait for this years conference and I will probably blog my thoughts and opinions on each of the sessions I tend. Hopefully to those that do read my blog and are attending the event I will get to meet you. I will be the big guy with the Halo tattoos hah.

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Emily Christiansen's Gravatar Actually TCCFUG is in St. Paul.
# Posted By Emily Christiansen | 3/13/10 9:24 AM
Ryan Vikander's Gravatar Oh yea, anyways I avoid St. Paul more than Minneapolis hah. I think someone was drunk when they named/created the streets there.
# Posted By Ryan Vikander | 3/13/10 9:46 AM
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