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So I finally got around to playing around with Adobe's open source IDE, Brackets used to edit HTML/JS/CSS, built with HTML/JS/CSS! So far I really like it. It's really light weight, opens up really fast and remembers the last files you were working on. My favorite feature is it has JSLint built into it so as you are working on a JS file it parses your file and gives you errors as you save. This is great I spent some time the other day just working through the JSLint errors. Found a lot of unnecessary code from it. For example I had this (don't know why it was left in there but JSLint found it)

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1if (variable) {
2    doSomething();
3} else {
4    //doSomethingElse();

JSLint complains about unnecessary brackets because of code being commented out. This is slick because if I don't need the function call then I don't need the call. (don't need commented out code if you are using some sort of version control).

Another slick thing about Adobe Brackets is that since it's built using HTML/JS/CSS you can tweak any of the settings by jumping into the source code. I do warn you tweaking this can cause issues with rendering the IDE mainly because it's not fully stable yet. I should warn you that it's in what I call pre-alpha stage.

If you want to check it out you can d/l it at The GitHub

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Edwin Yip's Gravatar I'm also writing a live (this idea is hot recently!) code editor for html, css and JavaScript.

I blogged about it here: http://liveditor.com/blog/the-adobe-brackets-ide-p...
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