Need Your Help!

I know I haven't blogged in awhile and this isn't tech related BUT my wife (Cassondra Bellows) managed to be a finalist for the Zoo Photo Contest! Please go to this page and vote for her! Her picture is in the Just Keep swimming section. It's the 7th picture and it's of the Leafy Sea Dragon. (It also says her name) Just click the little box to vote for her! This is important to her, so please vote!

Life Update

So not development related but just a quick update. So I finally signed away my life again and bought a house! This was actually rushed sort of since they only accepted our offer like 2 weeks ago. But it is nice to be able to get out of my crappy apartment. The house (townhome) has 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom but it is about twice the size of my apartment so it is a nice upgrade.

Also, I have gotten engaged to my girlfriend Cassie of 7 years (wow). She accepted (crazy I know) and I had asked her at the Minnesota Zoo. I thought I was pretty good, it was hard keeping it a secret for about a week and a half from her since we live together. Anyways those are the two biggest updates I will try and write more development related posts. You can follow my twitter as well (if you don't already)

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